Van Geloven offers a width range of delicious snacks, appetizers and meal products.
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Cheese Balls

World of Appetizers – Cheese
Cheese appetizers are hugely popular. As a company of Dutch origin, it’s a must to have cheese appetizers in the range. We have crispy appetizers with a creamy cheese filling in various shapes and sizes. Of course, there are appetizers made with our authentic Gouda cheese, but for instance also with a delicious cream cheese filling. Van Geloven produces cheese appetizers suitable for the oven or deep fryer. So there’s something for everyone.

Chickins sweet chili

World of Appetizers - Chicken
Here is a delicious and surprising innovation: crispy chicken balls with a sauce in the centre. Delicious appetizers that can be served in no time and are sure to be a hit with everyone. They are an ideal and distinctive addition to your mini-snack range – easy to prepare in the oven or deep fryer and produced without artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings. These chicken bites tested positively in various countries and are available in both retail as well as food service.


World of Appetizers - Meat Free
The popularity of tapas is growing around the world, at home and in foodservice. Consumers enjoy eating and presenting small dishes. Van Geloven is responding to this trend with a completely new and innovative range of appetizers. These small appetizers, or mini dishes, have a rich filling of vegetables, cheese and herbs. These appetizers are also produced without artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings. Different variations have already been introduced successfully in several countries.

Mini Croquettes

World of Appetizers – Mini Croquettes
The traditional croquette specialist has also developed a mini variety. These mini croquettes have a rich filling and a crispy crust. Delicious appetizers especially designed for preparation in the oven. They are available in traditional beef, veal and goulash flavours, as well as in a Spanish variety with chorizo or in a delicious German variety with rösti bacon – all produced, of course, without artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings.


Finger food
Besides the innovative "World of Appetizers' concepts Van Geloven offers a width range of finger food products. Tasty mini snacks with or without meat, in various shapes and sizes.


Spring rolls
Van Geloven has been the specialist in spring rolls for many years. Our spring rolls are recommended by our customers because of the crispiness of the crust and the variety of fillings. Our specific production process allows for the best possible flavour, visibility and bite to our vegetables. The spring rolls are available in various sizes, from 100 to 250 grams, and can be custom-developed according to flavour.


Oriental snacks
We offer a wide range of fried bami noodles snacks and fried nasi rice snacks in various shapes and sizes. Well spiced and richly filled with vegetables and noodles or rice.


Chicken snacks
Chicken snacks are available in various shapes and sizes. The Mora Corny is leading because of the combination of tender chicken and a crispy crust of cornflakes. Other tasty chicken snacks are nuggets, burgers, and chicken fingers.


As the ultimate frikandel sausage specialist in the Netherlands, we offer various types of frikandel sausages, as well as hamburgers and meatloaf products for the professional market. We work with unique recipes and are driven to exceed any standard.


This traditional Dutch snack is well known for the combination of a crispy crust and a creamy filling of meat ragout. Van Geloven offers a width range of croquettes for foodservice and retail, brand and private label, in all kind of flavors like beef, veal, shrimps or satay.